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Concept of Industry-Based Learning (IBL)


Industry-Based Learning Program is an approach to learning from an industry perspective. With traditional technical teaching methodologies in educational environments, the conventional pathway is to build the foundation learning through subject based teaching independently. Subjects based on the knowledge required for the discipline usually follow on from this. The problem with this traditional methodology of learning is that there is no close relationship with industry requirements.

Industrial oriented methodology is an approach to learning from an industry perspective.

Industry-Based Learning Program gives you the opportunity to put theory into practice working with a host organization. In the process you will develop relevant industry skills and knowledge, confidence and self-discipline with a Degree.

Successful completion of your Industry-Based Learning Program course may also lead to rapid employment, as some organizations have offered permanent positions to students they worked with through the program.

Industry-Based Learning Program allows you to apply your academic skills in or for a professional organization. So you get a competitive edge while still based in a supportive learning environment.

With leading global and Indian Companies as our clients, Industry Based Program can offer outstanding placement opportunities and scholarships.

IBL also gives you access to an exclusive graduate recruitment program. As all your industry work is assessed and credited towards your degree.

The Industry Experience program allows you to develop a system for a real life client within a small student group. You'll be part of delivering a first class information system, while learning essential project management skills.

Career progressive programs like Industry Based Learning and Industry Experience are just two of the reasons why you'll be a professional before you even enter the workforce.

There are different names attached to the kind of work experience programs you can do while you're at university. Sometimes it's known as: placement, Work experience , Internship

Industry-Based Learning provides the following benefits

  1. Insight into a career

  2. New professional networks

  3. An income while learning through working

  4. Added motivation, confidence and maturity

  5. The opportunity to contribute to an organization

  6. A head start in the competitive graduate job market

  7. Valuable industry experience and professional skills

  8. The opportunity to increase your professional communication and interpersonal skills

Government Policy on Industry Collaboration

Government of India emphasized on the need for strong University and

National Knowledge Commission (NKC), Government of India Recommendations for Industry-University Collaborations:






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